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How do I prepare for my Microblading treatment?

Avoid alcohol, caffeine, ibuprofen, aspirin and fish oil supplements for at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Be prepared to lie very still for a long period of time. Many patients bring headphones to listen to music during their appointment.

Wear comfortable clothing. Many of our patients like to bring a sweater to help keep them relaxed.

Avoid waxing, threading or tweezing your eyebrows 5 days prior to the procedure.

Patients often find it helpful to bring in pictures of their ideal brow shape or colour as it helps them to communicate their aesthetic goals with their Microblading technician.

How long can I expect it to last?
The pigment used in microblading is semi-permanent and can last between 12-18months . The pigment will begin to fade within 6 months. In order to keep your brows looking fresh, a touch up is recommended every 6-12 months . After 12-18 months full treatment will be required, full price for microblading will apply.
For clients that choose a softer look and lighter color shade initially or those who did not follow the aftercare instructions properly may require more frequent touch ups.
Factors that will cause your microbladed brow tattoo fade faster:
Iron deficiency
Sun exposure
Strong immune systems
Exposure to salt water
Whats the difference between HD Brows and Microblading

HD Brows are a bespoke eyebrow treatment that is completely personalised to you. So much more than a standard eyebrow wax and tint; our custom-blended colour, precise hair removal, unique design formula and make up application creates brows that complement you and your style.

Microblading is a semi-permanent technique that sits under the tattooing family. Pigment is implanted into the skin, with a fine needle hand-held tool, that creates hair-like strokes to mimic the appearance of a natural looking brow.

How old do I have to be for HD brows?

Due to EU law, you can’t have your brows tinted under the age of 16. Don’t worry, you can still have the treatment done from the age of 13 (with parental consent, of course) however we would just need to skip the tinting stage.

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